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Understanding Deeper Understanding Domain and Hosting


In this opportunity I will review the meaning of Domain and Hosting . Many of us still don't know and are still mistaken in interpreting the two terms above, therefore to understand more deeply the meaning of domain and hosting, please read this article to the end. Here is the full review; Understanding Domain and Hosting .

Definition of Domain

Name domain (English: domain name ) is given a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or email server on a computer network or the Internet.

The domain name itself serves to make it easier for internet users when accessing the server, as well as being used to remember the name of the server visited without having to recognize a complex series of numbers known as an IP address. This domain name is also known as an integral part of a website such as " ". Domain names are sometimes referred to as URLs, or website addresses.

Domain or domain name is the website address that Internet users write in the URL bar column. For example: .

Like the example "" must have a website that can be opened. Website that is called Hosting. To own a domain, you have to register the domain name with a domain registrer, for example to .

Domain names are managed by a nonprofit organization called ICANN. Those who govern how the domain TLD got to this day. Domain points to web hosting via a DNS server, DNS directs the domain to web hosting. Every web hosting has an IP address, this IP address is the web hosting address. Domain is just a tool to make it easier for humans to write web addresses. Imagine if we have to remember the 12 digit number to visit Google, or the IP address version 6 which reaches 16 digits.

If the domain is likened to an address, then hosting is the house we have. For example, is a website or blog.

Understanding Hosting

H osting or Web hosting services are internet services that provide resources for rent servers to enable organizations and individuals to put information on the Internet such as HTTP, FTP, EMAIL, or DNS.

If we analize, the website is a building, then the hosting is a piece of land and the domain is the address of the plot of land. A hosting consists of a server or a combination of servers connected to a high-speed internet network.

There are several types of hosting services, namely shared hosting (Shared Hosting), dedicated hosting (Dedicated Hosting), VPS (Virtual Private Server) and collocation servers (Colocation Server).

1. Shared hosting ( Shared Hosting )
Shared hosting is a hosting service in which a host account is shared with several other hosting accounts on the same server, and shares the service. One website shares server resources such as RAM and CPU with other users. One server can be occupied by a few, very few, hundreds to thousands of clients. According to the concept of sharing, server maintenance costs are divided according to the number of clients. The more clients that inhabit one server, the cheaper the rental fee the client must pay.

2. Dedication ( Dedicated Server )
A dedicated server is a server that is used to run applications with high loads and cannot be operated in a shared host (shared hosting) or VPS. The servers can be provided by the tenant or loaned from the owner of the data center location to the tenant. The provider provides a set of physical web servers complete with the operating system. Users get root access to enter the web server, and are in charge of maintaining the server that has been provided through the access that has been provided.

3. Virtual private server ( Virtual Private Server )
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are created by dividing physical server resources into virtualization servers where resources can be allocated in a way that will not directly affect the server hardware. Therefore, in a VPS there are several operating systems that run simultaneously.

4. Collocation Server ( Colocation Server )
A collocation server is a server that is deposited in an internet service provider where the internet service provider provides electricity, internet connection, and air conditioning, and a rack where the server is placed. The server is fully owned by the customer and managed by the customer himself. Customers are not required to rent a server at an internet service provider. It is the customer's responsibility to visit the data center. Perform hardware upgrades or other changes to owned collocation servers.


Maybe enough reviews about understanding domain and hosting . This paper is only to support understanding of the terms and definitions above, if any misunderstanding is found, please check it by leaving a comment below. Thank you for visiting 24Dzgn , hope it is useful :-)

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