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Learn SEO for Beginner Bloggers


Hello friends, bloggers, on this occasion I will review information about  Learning SEO For Beginner Bloggers .

To improve the quality of a website or blog, we must learn or at least understand what SEO is. Not only writing every day for articles but we can use SEO keywords so that visitors or visitors can come to the website blog that we have.

The word SEO itself is actually not something foreign to friends who have long been in the world of blogging. Well, in this article I will try to thoroughly discuss the World of SEO.

A beginner blogger out there is looking for a lot of keywords on how to use SEO for quality, as well as the benefits of understanding an SEO, there are even many bloggers who don't understand what SEO is.

SEO and SEO frendly

SEO is the process of optimizing the entire blog website to be SEO Frendly on the google engine. Meanwhile, SEO frendly is friendly content that is easily indexed by Google.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO on a Website / Blog

  1.  Advantages:  The advantage you get if you understand an SEO, of course, your blog website will be favored by the Google search engine and every visitor will be more resistant and prefer our website or blog.
  2. Disadvantages:  While the disadvantages are the opposite of the advantages, which if we don't apply SEO techniques, as a result the website or blog that we have will not develop perfectly.

The difference between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page

  • SEO on Page

SEO on Page is an optimization on a website or blog. Well, here are the fractions of SEO on Page:

1. Installing Meta Tags: The  purpose of optimizing meta tags is to make it easy for the engine engines that it's a live blog.

2. Researching keywords: The  goal of learning to research keywords is to understand the visitor market and the volume people are looking for. With that the articles that you make can compete with other people. For example the keyword "Blogger beginner" you can optimize like "Obligations of Beginner Bloggers Must Do".

3. Optimizing the form of writing:  What kind of writing is done so that it is friendly and has a very good appearance. What you do is form the keyword writing in Bold, italic, bottom free writing. If it is a neat article, many people like your article.

4. Placing posting links: There  are so many ways by web masters or blogs because the results are so extraordinary that it increases the attracting of visitors. Readers who see the post link if it's the information they want will automatically be clicked so you can get visitors easily.

5. Template Optimization:  The optimal goal of a template is that the speed of a web blog can be opened very quickly and also has a reader-friendly appearance. Try using premium templates because they are very SEO frendly.

  • SEO off Page

It is the opposite of the word SEO on Page which is basically almost the same but this type of SEO is more outside the blog. Here is a fraction of off page SEO:

1. Exchanging Links:  Exchanging a link is a form of friendship with other blogs and you can also do a backlink. Backlinks are live links embedded in posts or comments. However, most beginners are still doubtful by this and try to get rid of negative thoughts, take the positives.

2. Visiting Other People's Blogs (BlogWalking):  You can do this because it is very easy, many things will be obtained from other people's blogs. For example, get knowledge and references from the blog

3. Developing a Dummy Blog: A  dummy blog is a blog created on purpose whose function is to support your main blog. How Dummy SEO works is to link a link to an article that leads to our own main blog page. This method is often done because it has the ability like backlinks, so you must understand very well about dummy blogs.

If you have done the steps above, but the results still don't change the results of your blog. This may be the effect of yourself and most novice bloggers are lazy to write with at least 300 words.

Closing ...

Maybe enough articles about Learning SEO For Beginner Bloggers , if you have questions related to the discussion above, please comment in the comments column provided below. Final words from me, Hopefully useful and Greetings Blogger :)

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