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How To Improve Ad Serving Limited By Adsense


If you monetize your website with display ads, then AdSense is most likely part of your ad stack. Improve Adsense-Restricted Ad Serving For many publishers who are just starting out, AdSense is often the only ad network they use. Limiting your ad serving through AdSense is a nightmare for most people. This basically means that your monetization efforts are limited, and that you can't reach your full potential ad revenue through AdSense.

In this post, we will dive deeper into  AdSense ad serving restrictions , why Google allows them, different classifications, how to get around them, and much more.


Ever wondered why Google limits the number of ads your AdSense account can show? It all comes down to the integrity of their ad network. They want to protect advertisers from fraud, users from bad user experiences, and maintain publisher relationships. Often times, the limit for ad serving can be temporary until certain issues with traffic quality are resolved. Currently, there are two different ad serving limits:

Account being assessed

  • When this limit occurs, AdSense is busy assessing the quality of your traffic. Often times, there is no set time to wait for the restrictions to be removed. They will automatically review and update the limits as they find more information about the quality of your traffic.

Invalid traffic problem

Very similar to the situation mentioned above, here, your account is restricted because Google's system has detected some invalid traffic issues. Again, they'll automatically review and update the limits as they find more information about the quality of your traffic.

  • Not sure what invalid traffic is? There are different types of invalid traffic, but generally, it's traffic generated by bots that then clicks on your AdSense ads. This can also include accidental clicks and clicks from a set of clicks.


Even though your AdSense account is restricted by Google, you still have access to it and can monitor the situation frequently. Google recommends that you continue to create content and market your site. However, with an emphasis on traffic quality and AdSense policies.

Start by reading  the AdSense program policies  and make sure your site complies with all of them:

Next, turn your attention to the problem of invalid traffic. This section is clear if you accept the "Invalid traffic issues" limit. This is also a good option for any publisher who wants to protect their AdSense account from invalid traffic.

AdSense accounts are often blocked due to invalid traffic, so that's not something you want to bother with. You want to keep your website away from any form of invalid traffic. Since ad fraud is a critical problem facing the digital advertising industry, MonetizeMore has launched a service called Traffic Cop to address this issue.

By signing up for Traffic Cop, we'll make sure that your ad, AdSense, or other ad network, doesn't serve for invalid traffic. We do this by using sophisticated fingerprinting algorithms and machine learning to detect and prevent invalid traffic from seeing your ad.

This way, you can protect your advertising account. This ensures that you can safely invest in your business without the threat of invalid traffic looming over your head. By using a service like Traffic Cop, you will also ensure that the quality of your traffic improves and increases your chances of removing the AdSense ad serving limit.

Thus the article on "How to Improve Adsense Limited Ad Serving" , I hope this article will be useful for you. 

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